Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Call for allies, points update

I saw Doc again on Monday.  He gave me some new serums to try -- the previous ones, while effective, were burning up my system.  He wants me to try these new ones to defend against the vampire's infection, and to keep my Wolf in check.  I was doing pretty well - until today. Today pain flared up in old wounds, and I'm losing my hard-won balance.  Today, I need help to fight the enemies that surround me.

Calling all allies - Battle underway!

My infectious disease doc took me off the IV antibiotics and pulled my PICC line on Monday (is this an achievement?) He said after 8 weeks, the drug just starts doing more harm than good, so he switched me to oral antibiotics and is waiting to hear what the surgeon says.  I was doing pretty well, and even people at work were commenting on how I looked better and seemed in better spirits, but today my face swelled up and has been getting increasingly painful.  I plan to call the surgeon tomorrow, but I just feel really discouraged and worried again, and that's why I'm calling on you, my allies, to help me.

I don't really know how - make me laugh, give me little missions to take my mind off of it, or just call/txt/message me to BS. I know you'll come through - you always do, and that's the beauty of this game.  We can put the pain, the worry, the fear in a different context.  I just need a little help doing that. 

For an update of points, here's where I'm at:
Sunday: 35 XP
Monday: 44 XP (work, PICC line out, picking up prescriptions, doctor's appointment, cello practice)
Tuesday: 55 XP (work, site I've been working on for months at work launched [FIERO!], doctor's appointment)
Wednesday: 35 XP (work, doctor's appointment, cello lesson)

I've had a doctor's appointment every day this week, and as a result, I've not been doing much in the evenings besides resting and playing cello and WoW.  I'm not sure if resting earns me points, haha.

They had to draw 7 vials of blood today, and without the PICC, that was a long and somewhat painful endeavor.  This was for an immunology panel to try to see why I have no immune response to anything.

The points scale can be found in the comments in the previous post.

Oh, and as a random update - I changed the settings so all the contributors should be notified when there are new comments as well as new posts.  Let me know if you find this really annoying.

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