Friday, March 4, 2011

Evil-slaying activities for Friday, March 4

Forgive me for this being out of character - I'm a little too tired to feel creative. :)

Today started out with more doctors' appointments - a surgical consult with a new surgeon and another visit with my immunologist.  Because my INR rate is so high, surgery has been tabled until it's safe to perform it, and the new surgeon wants to do a biopsy first anyway.  My appointments were in the morning, so I did not go to work.  I'm having some pain in my face, which apparently I just have to deal with until they sort out the biopsy/surgery/INR mess.  I was feeling tired and crappy most of the day, until I had a energy workings session with John (aka Gigawood.) I've long been a believer in complementary medicine, and this time was no exception - afterword I was still sleepy, but I felt energized.  I wanted to get up and do something.  So I took our dog Bella for a walk and a short drive in the car while I indulged a craving for french fries (okay, this was not so successful, but I'd fought this craving for 2 days - opting for Jamba Juice and water instead - and I decided to give in.)  Then I came home and played WoW (and leveled up! One step closer to getting my main to 85.) 

After that, I undertook one of my power-ups: I baked a cake.  I can't play cello right now because of the finger sticks they do for the INR testing.  They stick the pads of my fingers and because I have no clotting factor, my fingers end up bruised and swollen, which makes pressing the strings painful.  So since I can't play, I made a lemon cake instead. 

THEN, my friends, I unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it, clearing out the sink of dirty dishes.

I feel like these daily updates might get a little mundane (I'm really critical of the navel-gazing sort of blogging that daily activities usually reflects - the Intertubes does not care what you had for lunch, I promise) but in the context of SuperBetter, I think it's important to document this.  Prior to this game, it was all I could do  to make it to work. I would come home, Matt would make dinner, I'd eat, stare at the television for a couple hours, and go to bed.  I felt like a zombie. 

So the fact that I was able to go for a drive, take the dog for a short walk, bake a cake, and do the dishes? That's a HUGE improvement for me, even if it's what normal, healthy people do every day without thinking about it.  For that reason, I hope you'll bear with the navel gazing - maybe just skip to the XP part to see the summary. :)

Doctors' appointments - 10XP
Leveling up in WoW - 10 XP (getting my main to 85 is on my Superhero To-Do List)
Dishes - 4XP
Walking the dog - 2XP
Blog post - 2XP
Achievement (from John) - 25XP
Power-up (baking): 5XP
Achievement (yesterday, from Courtney) - 25XP

Total: 83XP

Whoo hoo!! I'd say today was a raging success!


  1. W00t! So glad the energy routine could help take the 'bite' out of your fatigue. :)

  2. What's this "this is what normal people do"? I know many many "normal" people who don't do half of this. You did beyond awesome, huntress. Be proud.

  3. YAY! So glad to hear that you've gotten some energy!! Also, it's a well known fact that french fries have natural healing agents, so no harm on that one.