Friday, March 4, 2011


The Medium

"Ungh!" Clutching my side and steadying myself, I nearly doubled over in pain. The pain was getting more and more frequent, and nothing I did was helping. Was it me? A few quick tests seemed to show I was fine...

It was Jessi. Judging from her messages and my experience, she wasn't doing so well. "Meet me online," I wrote in a message. "ASAP."

While waiting, I pored over my texts, and analyzed every symptom, every potion, every feeling she was experiencing, and her upcoming trials. I leaned back in my chair looking between my notes, her emails, and my texts, and took a deep breath. Most of what I considered showing her risked making some other ailment worse.

One technique to dispel the vampire's venom might intensify the rage of the beast - and calming the beast might strengthen the potions' effects to the point of becoming toxic. Did I get in over my head? At that moment, Jessi logged on and initiated contact.

I took another deep breath. Focus. One step at a time. There must be something. Something basic...

Of course!

"Jessi, I have something I learned from basic training, and they drilled it into us to become part of our foundation. It will keep the fire of humanity glowing within you, to help you resist the beast and the vampire. You can do this by yourself any time you feel vulnerable. This is from the introductory texts of the Enduring Blaze. I will be referring to them often as I try to help you. Find a copy. Later on, I can show you more tricks to detect and gauge the evils' presence/severity in your body when you have another ally present."

New Skill Acquired: The Spark of Humanity. +25 XP

New Mission: Acquire Enduring Blaze texts
New Mission: Teach local allies detection techniques
New Mission: Perform the Spark of Humanity daily (Power Up, +5 XP/day)


Perhaps I should have included a little background after my intro post, but I'll do it much of the fiction I wrote in for my character mirrors what I'm doing IRL.

I'm learning Eden Energy Medicine...I took the five day basic course back in August, which they're phasing out in favor of a 2-year certification program (I start in May). The book I linked is essentially the textbook - and the 5 day course used to be the only training you received before you were considered ready to practice (I fictionalized all of this). Donna Eden's teaching includes learning about the meridians, chakras, and neurolymphatics, among many other things. Her start was in Touch for Health. Also, I got my Reiki 1 certification a week ago.

I actually WAS a little overwhelmed by the obscene list of considerations. A LOT of things I could have shown Jessica were contraindicated by other things...specifically relating to the blood thinners (spleen meridian) and the jaw infection (infection, triple warmer; location, stomach meridian). Also, Donna Eden's website,, has nothing about Chron's disease yet. >.< However, most auto-immune diseases revolve around an over-active triple warmer. I'm assuming Chron's is no different, and later on I'll look further into this.

With all the blood thinners, it would have been a big mistake to actually thump or massage those points Donna Eden mentioned...BUT, you can go through the gestures without actually striking/massaging the skin and still get an effect. I also told Jessi to put her arms under her armpits - which would send energy directly into the spleen and liver. Also showed to trace the lung meridian.

I mentioned triple warmer briefly, as it's at the root of a LOT of auto-immune diseases. Donna Eden has said over and over that an imbalance between spleen and triple warmer is *also* at the root of a lot of problems Americans have. Triple warmer governs the body's defense systems and will fight to keep a person alive; it plays a big role in stress as well.

Usually it's called for to strengthen spleen and calm triple warmer, but between the jaw infection, blood thinners, and not being able to energy test (need a partner) to verify anything I wasn't going to take a risk.

I settled on the 5-minute routine (linked above - any of you can do it for an effect. There's virtually no risk involved - though if you feel worse after doing it for a few days, talk to me - I'd need to show you a few more things), tracing the lung meridian (from the chest, over the shoulder and off the thumbnail), and tracing the stomach meridian - at least the part on the face (start at each cheekbone, drop down to the mandible, trace it up the side and around the outside of the face, drop straight down between the eyebrows to the collarbone).

Lung will help keep the lungs functioning, and tracing that part of the stomach meridian *might* help move some of the energy of that jaw infection. Spleen deals with the blood and metabolism - which is why I suggested the 'hands in armpits' pose. It's a way to add energy to spleen without moving/taking it from somewhere else.

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