Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mission: Time to Train

Yes, everyone, it is me again. Now that I have gotten all gushy on all of you, it is time to get down to some real work. I really thought of the last words I left you with.

"You provide her strength at her weakest times and are a light to her in the darkness. Remember that at all times. Together we are fighting and together we are winning."

The lack of this is what takes out more night hunters and huntresses. Trust me, I have seen it first hand. What many of you may not know, is that once I lost Jeremy, the Beast that took him over, stalked and hunted me for 7 years. He and his pack found me no matter where I hid, and nearly killed me over and over again. Only to let me be, heal and then start the hunt again. It was the darkest time in my life, and I was alone. Even in a crowded room. I know the feeling of wanting to scream from the tallest building for help, and having to smile at those who have no idea that darkness is just under the surface, smiling at them, salivating over them. There is nothing I wouldn't have done for an ally in the dark.

So, I never want any of you to ever belittle the task you perform here as an ally of the huntress.

And as such, all of us must be as strong as we can to aid in this fight. As the huntress has put forth, this could be physically as well as mentally. To make sure we are providing the most complete support possible, I am starting a new mission for everyone starting tomorrow.

Our huntress is looking forward and pining for the day the clerics give her the okay to begin her physical training, to add to her mental training. It is always easier to train, when there are others doing it, counting on you.

Starting tomorrow I will put up a training post for people to update over the week as they do different parts of the training. In this way, we can all see and share in the training and meditating, for those that can.

To start: I simply as that you do each 3 times over the week.

Three times a week of a half hour minimum of physical activity. The activity is your choice. I run. Maybe you like elliptical or swimming or walking or yoga or insert other activity here. Just as you do each 30 minute session, comment on the weekly post I put up, so we can all see, share and draw strength from it.

Next, Three times a week I would like those of us who would, to meditate. You can seek zen, enlightenment, nothingness, or simply on centering or on our huntress's fight. Do this in whichever way you do best. Using an element, energy manipulation, guided meditation, music meditation, etc. Again just update with comments the post.

Our huntress is not able to do the physical exercise yet, but she will soon, and us doing it with her will only help and encourage her.

Also I will set up a chart of similar goals for those also on the path to better physical health, similar to the one requested by our huntress. This will include such goals as:
lose 10 lbs
lose 1 clothing size
run a mile straight
lose 20 lbs
run a 5k on own
run a 5k official race
reach clothing size goal
lose 30 lbs
reach weight goal

I will be putting this all tomorrow. If anyone has any goals that they think should be added to this list, please comment, and I will incorporate them. Again, I will officially put this up and start this tomorrow.

I just wanted all of the allies to be able to this. So, really think about this.

I thank you for your time.



  1. In reading this, I believe I found another agent of the Abiding Evils that has been sent to thwart us... the Time Thieves! They seek to rob us of the time to do these challenges! Thoughts on how to overcome these pernicious little imps is appreciated!

    Later in the week, I'll be posting a meditation for those who could use it.

  2. I'd say with most weeks, strategic planning will free up the 3 hours out of the 168 hours a week we have for those that wish to share these goals. These are not required by any stretch of the imagination. Just another way to share and encourage.