Saturday, March 5, 2011

Character: Terra

“Ok… I can work with this!” was the first thing I told Jessica. Maybe not the first thing, the first thing was, “Hi”, I think. Maybe “Sorry, was that your foot?” I don’t remember exactly, but NEVERMIND! By the time she wiped the blood off of the side of my Corolla hatchback, I realized she was serious, and I don’t mean like “Oh my god, that cop totally clocked me doing seventy in a fifty-five” serious. I mean, “Vampires slowly trying to kill people ” serious!

And then there were the werewolves.

She told me not to worry, except, I needed to duck because Holy Crap, there’s a werewolf! But yeah. I could work with this. All I needed was to get my head around it, which didn’t take long. It never takes that long… you just have to get motivated and organized. So I did that. She was fighting a war against supernatural forces that were so supernatural that no one even thinks of them as supernatural anymore, and I just needed to adjust my thinking.

And did I adjust!

I’m seeing things in a completely different way. My friends always used to get sick, but I never actual SAW the venom coursing through their veins before. Now, I can. My friends used to go off on each other all the time without warning, like, timebombs from Hell, and I always figured it was just hormones or astrology or something. Now, they’re hairy demons with milkbone breath, and I can work with this.

I just needed to adjust.

So Jessica asked for my help. At first, I didn’t know what a person like me could possibly do to help a person like her, but as soon as she showed me her organizer, I realized she needed more than two-sided axe heads, sharpened stakes, garlic, silver crosses, and a crap-ton of Red Bull. She needed someone to keep her between the navigational beacons.

I’m good at that. I like plans. I make plans. I stick to them. And if anyone lets me, I’ll freaking make sure they will too!

Jessica is letting me… it’s her fault.

So, there’s nightmares inside every corner of the real world now. I’m not even worried. I’ve got a plan for them too!

Between her personal trainers and her spiritual guides, and that guy in the kilt (I think something’s wrong with his brain, for the record), we’re going to keep her hacking and slashing.

And winning.

My name is Terra. I do a lot of stuff, but it’s Jessica’s stuff I’m here to keep square. I’m here for all of those points between A and Z. Here’s a hint… they don’t lie in a straight line.

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  1. Thanks to JP for the character writeup! :)

    I was feeling a little inadequate after reading all of yours, so I gave him some character ideas (based off a couple from other worlds.)

    He did a great job!

    I may go in and make a few tweaks, but that's just b/c I'm a little OCD/AR.