Saturday, March 5, 2011

Awards and Training

Good Morning Huntress and Allies,

I spent all night staring into the flame, thinking. And I will admit, for once, smiling. This was a great starting week. Jessica's fight has become minutely easier due to everyone's efforts, and this was in a week that would have knocked most lesser warriors to their knees. But she has come through it with remaining energy and even some smiles. This is beyond any trainers wildest dreams. As such, I want to give credit where credit is due.

To start with, I think our huntress should recap all her deeds this week:
Doctors' appointments - 10XP
Leveling up in WoW - 10 XP (getting my main to 85 is on my Superhero To-Do List)
Dishes - 4XP
Walking the dog - 2XP
Blog post - 2XP
Achievement (from John) - 25XP
Power-up (baking): 5XP
Achievement (yesterday, from Courtney) - 25XP
Work - 2 hours (10 XP)
Doctors appointments - 2.5 hours, plus another 1.5 hours driving all over town to get to them (25XP for appointments, and I gave myself 8XP for the driving)
Blog post (2 XP)
Sunday: 35 XP
Monday: 44 XP (work, PICC line out, picking up prescriptions, doctor's appointment, cello practice)
Tuesday: 55 XP (work, site I've been working on for months at work launched [FIERO!], doctor's appointment)
Wednesday: 35 XP (work, doctor's appointment, cello lesson)
This week's total for our huntress: 297
297, that is amazing in one week. And this is just the start. Congratulations, huntress.

Now, allies, I have not forgotten you. You have created and provided so much for our huntress, and you deserve more recognition than I can give for this. But as one old soldier to another, all I can give you in the salute of honor for your achievements in our shared work and battles. Remember, the more we provide to the huntress the larger base she has to grow from.

The Medium, Gigawood
Energy session: 25XP
Blog Posts: 10XP
Achievement award: 5XP
Mission assignment: 10XP
General Weekly Support: 5XP
Character writeup: 5XP
Total: 60XP

Medical research: 25XP
Character writeup: 5XP
General Weekly Support: 5XP
Total: 35XP

Blog Posts: 10XP
Ally Mission assignment: 10XP
General Weekly Support: 5XP
Character writeup: 5XP
Total: 30XP

Recipes: Multiple: 25XP
Blog Posts: 10XP
General Weekly Support: 5XP
Character writeup: 5XP
Total: 45XP

Ally Mission contribution: 5XP
General Weekly Support: 5XP
Total: 10XP

Character write up: 5XP
Blog Post: 10XP
General Weekly Support: 5XP
Total: 20XP

Music Missions: 25XP
Video Missions: 10XP
Blog Posts: 10XP
Character write up: 5XP
General Weekly Support: 5X
Researched and wrote up Evil: 10XP
Total: 65XP

Congratulations to all of the allies for your many contributions and achievements for the huntress all week. You provide her strength at her weakest times and are a light to her in the darkness. Remember that at all times.

Together we are fighting and together we are winning.


OOC, If I missed anything, I apologize. I have to go off what I see, read here, and am told by Jess. Please don't take offense if I missed something you did this week. I will, from Jess's request, start doing this weekly. Great job everyone. I think this is really working well. <3

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