Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Training and Missions Week 3

Greetings again, Huntress and Allies against the Evils,

The Huntress has made the request to treat this post as a place to comment for all mission activities for the week. So if you do medical research, please post it here, so the Huntress can find it. If you find energy/guided meditations for the Huntress, please put it here. etc. This should keep things nicely organized and structured for the Huntress. Also this shows continually, none of us are ever alone in the fight against the dark evils that so desperately want us to believe so. Thank you.

Continued Missions:

Songs of Power Mission: Please keep adding to the songs for the Huntress and all of us to draw strength from. Please put them in the comments. When we get them all, we can make a post or soundtrack with them on it.

Contact Mission: Our Huntress is having a stressful and painful time. The Beasts and Vampires are being relentless and the demon's are waiting, just waiting for their turn. Please let our huntress feel your presence in a palpable way. Email her, Comment to her here, post here, talk to her of fb, call her, visit her. Let her know that her allies are always at her back ready to fight the fight with her as best we can.

Training Mission: Three times this week for a half hour minimum plan on doing some sort of physical activity. The activity is your choice. Just as you do each 30 minute session, comment here to this post, so we, especially the huntress, can all see, share and draw strength from it.

Meditation/Energy Mission: Three times this week, those of us who would, meditate. You can seek zen, enlightenment, nothingness, or simply on centering or on our huntress's fight. Do this in whichever way you do best. Using an element, energy manipulation, guided meditation, music meditation, etc. Again just update with comments here in this post. I am hoping once power marks have been chosen, that we can each have one with which to help the focused meditation and connect the group.

Our huntress is not able to do the physical exercise yet, but she will soon, and us doing it with her will only help and encourage her.

Huntress, these are for you too, and many you can already do, even before the cleric give you the okay to do formal training. These are other goals that, if you reach and would like to share for support, I would ask you to share to this post. These would include such things as:
Kept within calorie goal
Maintained desired weight
Felt good about the way I looked today
Felt Centered/Connected today
lost 10 lbs
lost 1 clothing size
ran a mile straight
lost 20 lbs
ran a 5k on own
ran a 5k official race
reached clothing size goal
lost 30 lbs
reached weight goal

None of this is mandatory, except for our huntress and I when the cleric say she is ready to begin. (Though, Ms. Huntress, the meditation is still required now.)

Happy Training and Missions to all.


Please do put up if you did anything starting Sunday. I humbly apologize for the tardiness of these posts.


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  2. Sunday: I did stretch and then did train for my 5k and then got the Scot and the 3 year old out for a nice 2 mile walk. I also did meditate on our Huntress.

    Monday: Again, I did stretching and then my 5k training. Then as the Scot did his run (which he was much stronger in) I and the 3 year old went for our 2 mile. Glorious day.

  3. I poked and prodded our Huntress in one form or twenty on pretty much every day this week :)

    As for physical activity, I didn't do as much as I would have liked due to persistent migraines. The Wolf fought back this week. But I got a lot of cleaning done. And spiritual work and meditation (Ostara ritual)