Sunday, March 6, 2011

Training in Week 2

Now that we have all had a chance to get our feet wet, time to kick this in gear. There have been requests from both our huntress and allies to have a shared training that any can join. This will give support to the Huntress, so she is not doing this alone, but also it will allow us to grow in ourselves in order to be the best we can as we stand with the Night Huntress against the foes of the dark and the Abiding Evils.

Many of us have faced the Beasts, Vampires and other Evil and know that a join front in the best health is the best way to succeed.

So here is the training mission:

Three times this week for a half hour minimum plan on doing some sort of physical activity. The activity is your choice. I run. Maybe you like elliptical or swimming or walking or yoga or insert other activity here. Just as you do each 30 minute session, comment here to this post, so we can all see, share and draw strength from it.

In addition to that, three times this week I would like those of us who would, to meditate. You can seek zen, enlightenment, nothingness, or simply on centering or on our huntress's fight. Do this in whichever way you do best. Using an element, energy manipulation, guided meditation, music meditation, etc. Again just update with comments here in this post. I am hoping once power marks have been chosen, that we can each have one with which to help the focused meditation and connect the group.

Our huntress is not able to do the physical exercise yet, but she will soon, and us doing it with her will only help and encourage her.

Also there are other goals that, if you reach and would like to share for support, I would ask you to share to this post. These would include such things as:
Kept within calorie goal
Maintained desired weight
Felt good about the way I looked today
Felt Centered/Connected today
lost 10 lbs
lost 1 clothing size
ran a mile straight
lost 20 lbs
ran a 5k on own
ran a 5k official race
reached clothing size goal
lost 30 lbs
reached weight goal

None of this is mandatory, except for our huntress and I when the cleric say she is ready to begin. (Though, Ms. Huntress, the meditation is still required now.)

This will count as a mission for weekly XP.

Happy Training all.


EDIT: The Huntress has made one more request and has asked me to add it here. Please treat this post as a place to comment for all mission activities for the week. So if you do medical research, please post it here so the Huntress can find it. If you find energy/guided meditations for the Huntress, please put it here. etc. This should keep things nicely organized and structured for the Huntress. Also this shows continually, none of us are ever alone in the fight against the dark evils that so desperately want us to believe so. Thank you.


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  2. (It is not a requirement, Terra, but it does add to the world and fun if it is.)

  3. I'm not the best when it comes to the physical aspects of fighting the Beasts. Give me some books or a computer and I'm your girl, but actual physical fighting? Not really my lane.

    Until now.

    If I'm going to help the Huntress, it will take more than books. That's where this training mission comes in. I've joined the others in pledging to condition myself at least 3 times a week so that I can do more than just throw a book at the Evil facing the Huntress.

    Today's success:
    60 min of strength training, including 100 pounds on the squat machine!

    There is little worth working towards that isn't difficult. Today it was my knee that proved to be, literally, a pain; ice is in order tonight.

  4. Excellent attitude and effort, Terra.

  5. Today has been long. Training sessions from 7:30am to 7:30pm. Damn day job. But I did manage to bring my shoes and steal time away from the spoiled trainees and go just over 3 miles on my hour lunch. Felt great. Nothing is better than stretching yourself for pushing yourself in the middle of the day. How's everyone else doing? Any reports?

  6. Great job guys!! I haven't done much yesterday and today - I don't know what it is, but I'm just absolutely bone-achingly exhausted, so I've mostly been sleeping. And going to doctor's appointments. I did take the dog for a 30 minute walk on Saturday, along with doing some yoga and the energy routine, though, and am going to try to commit to some more yoga and energy working later this week.

  7. I did 30 minutes of aerobics and 30 minutes of circuit training and now my Achilles tendon is unhappy with me. It doesn't like jumping.

  8. (Plus 20 minutes of stretching.)

  9. Well, some kind of venom got into my system last night and attacked hard. Let's just say that it was a night filled with a lot of unpleasantness and little sleep. I did finally stop hurting enough to sleep around 4am and around 12:30 today was able to eat again.

    This of course removed any possibility of training this morning. I'm still dehydrated, but I have potions to aid in my recovery. Hopefully they will bring me back to a state where I will be able to train tomorrow.

    Keep up the yoga and energy work, Huntress. These time are trying, but these activities will prepare you for the next step in your journey.

  10. 60 minutes of cross-training on the elliptical, then 20 minutes of stretching.

    Jess, I'll burn those guided meditations and bring them this weekend.

  11. Yesterday I got jumped by a Beast and danced with the bastard all day. Allies, so many have been hitting us lately that I think they know we are a real threat. We must keep pushing. Stay ever vigilant. Through this, I did not get to exercise, but last night I thought of our huntress and her battle. Discouraged that I let this Beast turn me from my plan, I got up at 1am and spent about 45 minutes concentrating and meditating to add my energy to hers to help her in her fight. Giving such energy seemed to double my own. We strengthen ourselves the more we give to the fight.

    Vigilance and structure.


  12. I finally got to the gym (it's been raining for a week so no outside exercise sadly). I managed 12 minutes on the recumbent bike before my toes went numb. So I switched to the treadmill and did 15 minutes at 2.5 mph (my heart rate was kept around 150 which is in the recommended range for me). I would have kept going because my asthma wasn't bothering me but my hip and ankle were in flaming pain so I stopped. Things are looking up and I hope this helps Jessi!

  13. Yesterday I walked for an hour outside (it was almost 70 degrees!) and then stretched for 20 minutes.

  14. I was able to return to training this morning, with an additional hour of strength work. My knee gave me some issues, but upper body work went well. I know some of the things I need to do in order to improve my knee, but the willpower to do them is lacking.

    Hopefully this group training log with help motivate me to do what's necessary so that I can be an asset to the Huntress and not a liability.

  15. Well, started my day with a nice meditation, using imagery of strength for the Huntress as well as focusing and determination for me.

    Then I finally got around to cleaning the dojo up. Going to finish that tomorrow. Structure without and within and all that.

    I wrapped that all up with a nice 3 mile jog/walk long interval. Even got that damn Scott to join me for part of it. Think I'll have to drag his ass out again tomorrow.


  16. Productive day in the name of fighting evil again today.

    Went through cleaning the dojo more today. Feels great to lift the grim that has been trying to take hold.

    Then in the new clean I sat down and collected my thoughts and meditated on the Huntress. I got a clear message that she needed some connection, so I tried chatting her up on this demon iming box, but to no avail.

    Then I got ready, stretched and then went for a nice 5k jog/walk intervals. Felt great and could feel the Evils taking flight from my soul.

    When I got back, I found that Scott again, listening to what he called music, and "encouraged" him to get out there and "enjoy" the good weather in an active way. Also, my little 3 year old warrior wanted to go. So he and I went, and what I thought would be a nice 1/3 of a mile jaunt went for just about 2 miles with his little 3 year old legs running about 3/8's of it. I was proud of him and he cheered the Huntress as he did it. He's small, but every ally is added power.