Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Character: Lydia Englewood

Sorry for coming late to the character-party! And also, sorry for the length... It's super long. Sorry!


Character: Lydia Englewood

So, here's the thing: I've been followed by the darkness my entire life.

I met him when I was 13: charming, smart, attractive... did I mention charming? He oozed charm. It came out of his pores. He was 16 and he liked me, gods know why. He held my hand under tables. He had these very soft, girlish hands. Like velvet. I loved them. The first time we kissed... I know this is like the dumbest thing to say ever, but fireworks went off. They really did. In my head, anyway.

One day, we were sitting on his bed, talking about...I don't know, something silly probably (we never talked about anything important), and he said to me, I wanna try something. I agreed. He took my arm, gently, lowered his mouth to my wrist and... Well. You can figure out the rest.

I think I cried out, but I couldn't hear myself over the sudden sound of beating blood. One two, one two, one two, pounding in my head like drums, like African tribal drums pounding in my head. My arm seized up; when I tried to move, I couldn't, so...I looked at him, panicked, and he looked at me, and...suddenly, I just didn't want to move anymore. And gradually, that African drum in my head became two African drums, and I realized I could hear his heart. I could hear it, feel it beating, our bodies pulsing a syncopated duet.

I was hooked.

At first, it was know, once a week or so. He'd finger my wrist with that wry little smile, and I couldn't refuse.

Then it became more frequent. Probably because I...started asking for it. I'd nibble on his ear, brush my wrist against his lips--something subtle. He'd catch the hint immediately, probably because it was on his mind too (obviously. duh.), and he' know.

Eventually we got creative. He started feeding on other parts of my body: my neck, my thigh, my breasts... I began to crave the throb of his blood coursing together with mine, the sharp slice of his teeth into my skin. He consumed me, ran circles in my brain. Like a drug. Like air. I would beg him, plead with him, please please please take my blood! And he did. How could he not?

I'm not proud of it. I'm really, really not proud of it. I lost a lot of weight. I was often sick, missed a lot of school... I almost didn't graduate. I looked in the mirror one day and thought, I don't know who I am anymore.

It was Jessica who saved me.

She was the sister I never had. When I cried, she was there. When I obsessed, she was there. She reminded me who I was. And with her support, I found the strength to leave him. I didn't know why he let me go then. I still don't. Maybe he really did love me, I don't know. But I'll tell you this: if I ever see him again, I'm putting a stake in his heart.

Jess didn't know what he was. I didn't tell her. I couldn't. I didn't want to taint her with the knowledge I now had: that shadows lie beneath. I didn't wish that on her. I didn't wish that on anybody.

When it happened...her change...I was devastated. The shadows had fallen again, this time on my best friend, and this time there was no escape. The Wolf was in her now; she was the Wolf. There was no running away, and no simple stake-in-the-heart solution.

Over the years, I've battled many creatures of darkness. They kind of follow me. My dad says it's because I'm so sweet. Heh. I have this theory it's because I knew about them now. They could smell it, that knowledge. I've struggled for a long time against the darkness. It's been a difficult road. And I've grown stronger.

When Jess was...changed...I made a vow: I would support her as she had supported me. I would help her through the darkness. And help her kick the ass of any vampire that comes her way. You know, I get behind him, you stake that sonofabitch!

We don't always keep in touch, but I am always there. I think she knows that. I hope she knows that. I am there in a pinch. When needed, I drop everything I'm doing and show up strong. I am there with support and aid. I am the Sidekick.

Our lives are totally badass.

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