Sunday, March 20, 2011

Catchup on points and activities

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to catalog daily activities. I feel like daily posts might be overwhelming and/or annoying, but if I DON'T record it every day, I'm likely to let a long time elapse (like now) and forget.  Plus the point of this was to track progress and to recognize the things I'm doing to be an active participant in my health - and for you guys to help me recognize that through achievements.  Kind of hard to do that when I don't tell you what I'm doing.

So I think from now on, I'm going to follow the model that we set up with weekly missions - I'll make one post on Sunday, and update it throughout the week.  If that doesn't work, we'll just try something else!

(I posted all the boring day-by-day stuff at the bottom.)

Sunday, March 5 total: 297 (through 3/4)
Sunday, March 20 total: 715 (through 3/20)
Cashed in 25XP to buy Tetris Party for DS

Final total: 690

Also, I was able to run across the parp go to scifi book club on Monday, which made me really happy. (The "parp" is a reference to this Hyperbole and a Half comic, which Jamie and Matt were using to tease me about my insistence that I could go to the book club meeting after having the biopsy that afternoon.)

I don't remember a lot of this week either.  There was a lot of sleeping, and I've been on Vicodin since last week, so that doesn't help with the whole memory thing.  As I mentioned, I was off work this whole week, and I'm actually ordered off work until I get the biopsy results on Wednesday.  I'll just have to find a way to make up the extra 20 XP per day that I got from work... ;)

I don't feel like I should get XP for sleeping, but I evidently need it.  I slept for 15 hours Friday night, and 11 hours Saturday night, plus naps during the day.  I'm mildly alarmed by this, but Matt keeps saying I must need it, because I don't typically sleep that late.  I've been awful about playing cello this week, but I was awful about doing a lot of things because of the biopsy.  Hopefully next week will be better.

I want to give like a million XP to Jamie for coming down here and staying with me.  She really helped Matt and I both out by driving me around and helping around the house.  Also, she brought me a bunch of awesome CDs - classical music and meditation stuff.  So instead of a million, how about like 175? 25 per day that she was here, plus 50 for the CDs - seriously, she brought me a bunch.  I need to update Courtney on other people that deserve XP and compile all our awesome music into a playlist - or maybe someone could help me out with that last one? Allies, please be sure you post comments on Courtney's weekly recap posts letting her know what you did for me - I want to make sure you're recognized for how awesome you are, and sometimes I suck and don't remember to tell her. :)

Also, 50 XP to Carrie for beating her own Tech Evil and setting up Skype so we can have Skype dates.  Yay!

And 50 XP to Courtney for managing the weekly mission posts.  That really helps me out!

And 10 XP to everyone else just for sticking with me in this game and being awesome.  :)

I'm going to update the pages of the WoH this week to get everything current.  If I miss anything, please let me know!

Daily Minutia Crap

Yoga and energy routine - 10 XP
30 minute walk - 5 XP
went shopping - 2 XP
Felt pretty good today - 10 XP

Was social for 3 hours and played pool - 6 XP (I gave myself 2 XP/hr)
Unloaded and loaded dishwasher - 2 XP

2 hrs doctor's appointments - 20 XP
Laundry 3 loads - 6 XP
Hit Level 80 - 10 XP
took dog to daycare - 2 XP

Yoga and energy routine - 10 XP
Work for 4 hours - 20 XP
Sorted out biopsy business - 10 XP (this required many hours of calling many doctors)
Blog post - 2XP
Laundry 2 loads - 4 XP
took dog to daycare - 2 XP

Worked for 4 hours - 20 XP
Cello lesson - 10 XP
took dog to daycare - 2 XP
(I don't remember what else I did that day -- see, this is the problem with not posting!)

Yoga and energy routine - 10 XP
Worked for 4 hours - 20 XP
Dishes - 4XP
took dog to daycare - 2 XP

Yoga and energy routine - 10 XP
Worked for 4 hours - 20 XP
took dog to daycare - 2 XP

I slept a lot that week, I remember that.  Matt was out of town and my face was swollen and hurting, and I would come home from work and just pass out on the couch for a few hours. 

Impromptu gathering at my house of friends, yay social! - 25 XP
(I don't remember much else...)

I have no recollection - Jamie, help?

Biopsy - 25 XP (This isn't really an achievement, but I feel like I should earn XP for surviving medical procedures.  And Jamie said I wasn't even crabby!)
Ran across the parp Went to scifi book club, more socialness yay! - 25 XP
(The "parp" is a reference to this Hyperbole and a Half comic, which Jamie and Matt were using to tease me about my insistence that I could go to the book club meeting after having the biopsy that afternoon.)

Ran errands (or, more precisely, sat in the passenger seat in a narcotic haze while Jamie drove) - 4 XP
Took dog to dog park for about 1 hour - 5 XP
Did a whole lot of nothing as my face looked like I had a golfball in my cheek

Hour long walk with Jamie - 10 XP
Drove up to Ft Collins - 5 XP

Follow up with surgeon because I was alarmed by the swelling - 10 XP

INR check with doctor - 10 XP
Bought groceries - 2 XP
Conference call with boss - 5 XP

Went to Home Depot and Safeway with Matt - 10 XP
Meditation for 1 hour - 10 XP
Played WoW for 1 hour - 10 XP

Picked up prescriptions - 2 XP
Dishes - 2 XP
Participated in #hcsm Twitter chat - 25 XP (this is career related)
Wrote a career-related blog post draft - 10 XP
Blog post - 2 XP


  1. Oh dammit, I forgot to add in the daily challenges from MeYou Health. I'll start doing that this week. I feel like I need to think of some more things to do to make up my 20 point deficit from lack of work, lol. Any ideas?

  2. Also, all Allies with posting access should now also have admin access, meaning you can edit yours & others' posts, add tags, etc.

  3. Ummm the 13th was Sunday...wasn't that the day we got all stringed instrument-y in your living room and Matt tied the pickup to my violin with yarn? Then Daniel came over and we sort of watched TV and harassed your dog?

    And you're totally welcome. I actually had a really good time, and you weren't even remotely cranky! <3