The Players

This page will become more complete once we flush out the game mechanics and choose our characters.

Jessica M: The gamer girl doing battle with health demons/boogey men/bad guys.

Matt M: My husband and awesome source of all happiness and support.

JP: An awesome friend and the best storyteller I've ever known.  He'll be helping put the game together.

Courtney: Another good friend who has been a constant source of support and encouragement

Carrie: Friend who never fails to make me laugh - seriously, she made my PE hurt while in the hospital because of a ridiculous Facebook message chain

Erin: College roommate and one of my best friends, teaches me about WoW and understands, scientifically, all the medical crap happening to me

Jamie: One of my oldest friends and an unwavering source of support, and also one of the smartest people I know

John: A buddy I met through WoW, he fully believes in the healing power of games and has been a very kind, considerate soul to me in times of great distress

Tara: My long-lost twin in behavior and mannerisms, and another person who has been incredibly supportive of me.

Lindsay: Another one of my oldest friends, we actually met through a chat-based RPG back in like 1999. She was my maid of honor and someone I've always been able to count on, no matter what.