Sunday, February 27, 2011

Evil-slaying activities for Sunday, Feb 27

Here's a list of my activities today - could you all be awesome and assign me some points for each of these activities?  Thank you!

-Worked for 3 hours (yes, on a Sunday, stupid site was supposed to go live tomorrow but is delayed AGAIN because of technical difficulties, ugh)
-Played cello for 30 minutes
-Did one load of laundry
-Went out and bought a stick blender so I can make more smoothies and blend veggies easier
-Submitted an abstract for my paper to the International Digital Media and Arts Journal

I think that's it.... so what's my point total for today?

Also, I thought of a few non-monetary-related rewards, but I could still use suggestions.  I'm drawing a blank!
New ideas:

-An afternoon "off" - to read, play video games, whatever without feeling like I "have" to do anything
-A drive somewhere to take photos
-Trip to a bookstore


  1. Is there some sort of baseline for determining point totals? O_o I have no idea, but it sounds like you did a lot, so awesome! (Good luck with your paper!)

    For non-monetary rewards, the types of things I tend to be similar to the things I do for de-stressing: an afternoon at the library, time to watch an old movie or show I like that I haven't seen in a long time, a home spa day (bath, facial, body scrub, foot soak, etc.), a meditation (guided or otherwise--I have some by Deepak Chopra that I really like, I could burn them for you), hot chocolate and a good book, etc. Hope some of those are helpful!

  2. @Jamie: No, there's no baseline, and I suck at fairly judging my activities (I'm like, "Well, I HAVE to do laundry, or else I won't have clean clothes, so there's not really a choice, so why should I be rewarded" - stuff like that). That's why I was asking you guys - if you were in my shoes, what would you feel those activities are worth?

    Those are some good ideas. I like the idea of an afternoon at the library and watching a movie. And yeah, if you'd burn me guided meditation, that'd be awesome! Maybe after we get our house clean again, I can have some stuff set up in our bedroom with candles and incense and stuff for meditation like that. Thanks!!

  3. Per my experience as a GM, I'll take a more-or-less Corridor approach to the XP assignations, knocking them down by an order of magnitude so I don't come off all Pokemon. (I love saying 'assignations' out loud, btw)

    -Worked for 3 hours @ 1 XP per hour: 3 XP

    -Played cello for 30 minutes @ 5 XP per hour: 3 XP (rounded up)

    -Did one load of laundry @ 1 XP per chore: 1 XP

    -stick blender (forwarding healthy diet): 5 XP

    -Submitted an abstract for my paper to the International Digital Media and Arts Journal: 25 XP

    Total XP: 37 XP

  4. I've been giving this some thought. Trying to keep points simple to enhance the fun, some ideas:

    For everyday activities 1 point per half hour.
    For posts to the blog, 2 points per post.
    For weekly activities 2 points per half hour.
    For doctor visits 5 points per half hour.
    For Exercise for battles (training) 5 points per half hour.
    For healthy meals/purchases for battles 5 points per item/meal.
    Projects/Achievements completed 25 points per.

    This way it is easy to calculate and steady. You know what it is going in and out.

    To cash in:
    For items to purchase under $50, 25 XP plus cost from game cash.
    For items to purchase over $50, 50 XP plus the cost from game cash.
    For items to purchase over $100, 100 XP plus the cost from game cash.
    For non cost related rewards, 50 XP per reward.

    Any thoughts?

  5. I made a comment to an older thread:

    Putting up a link, because the blog doesn't update when a comment was made.

  6. Nor, apparently, does it hyperlink.

  7. Great job Jess!

    Love the points suggestions!

    Jess - do you have any food allergies or things you don't eat?

  8. @Courtney & JP - Great ideas. I'm going to take your points distribution and make a few adjustments, depending on the difficulty of those tasks for me. Here's my modified verion, what do you think?

    5 XP per hour of work
    5 XP per hour of playing cello
    10 XP per hour of doctor's appointments
    10 XP per hour of making progress toward one of my Superhero To-Do List goals
    5 XP per half hour of exercise
    5 XP per step/item/meal for healthy foods
    25 XP per achievement or career contribution
    2 XP for weekly activities
    2 XP per household chore (1 load laundry, 30 min dishes, etc)
    2 XP for blog posts
    10 XP for successfully navigating a "bad day" healthwise or successfully recognizing and beating a bad guy
    10 XP for a day with zero health complaints
    25 XP for major health improvements determined by doctors

    To cash in:
    For items to purchase under $50, 25 XP plus cost from game cash.
    For items to purchase over $50, 50 XP plus the cost from game cash.
    For items to purchase over $100, 100 XP plus the cost from game cash.
    For non cost related rewards, 50 XP per reward.

    I increased the XP for work because going to work is very exhausting for me, and the center of a lot of my stress, so it's a harder thing for me to accomplish. I'm also now on official, doctor-ordered work restrictions, and can only work up to 4 hours a day.

    I came up with another no-cost reward: baking. I like to bake, but I often don't make time for it. So when I was picking up my Rx today, I bought stuff to make a cake so that I can have it on hand to use as a reward. :)

    @JP to answer you question about work vs programming - what I was referring to was working on my web coding, which is on my Superhero To-Do List, so I just revamped that into a generic "Making progress toward one of these To-Do List items." :)

    Does this seem fair to you guys?

    @Tara: I don't have any food allergies, but I try to cut down on the amount of gluten I eat, I can't tolerate very fatty/greasy foods well, red meat gets a little iffy if I eat too much of it, and I can't have the skins on bell peppers. :) And thank you!!

  9. Sorry I couldn't comment yesterday. It was my 13 hour day at work and Connor got sent home with 101 fever and JP had to leave work sick. So I kinda took care of things when I got home and then collapsed.

    The points look great. I think it will be a pretty simple system (like gaming) and you can easily keep track and cash in. Also you will know what things will give you and cost, so good carrot/stick action. I'm glad you liked the cash in system.

    Anyone have any idea how to make the blog send you emails when people post?

    Did doc say anything about surgery or exercise?

    Also, I am holding a recipe on the sidelines for you for a reward as well :) I think you would like it and once you know how to make it, it can be changed to be a different recipe each time.