Thursday, February 24, 2011

Epic Win!

I'm loving the character outlines you guys are posting here, but I have to interrupt for a moment to tell you of my awesome epic win today.

I've used up all my sick time at work, and in the last two weeks, I missed about 20 hours.  I had previously been told that I wasn't eligible for FMLA because my one-year anniversary isn't until March 29.  So I was partially freaking out and really struggling to make it to work 8 hours a day.

Today I had a meeting with my boss, my department head, and a senior manager from HR.  The HR manager had worked some kind of magic and got me approved for FMLA early! So this means I no longer have to freak out about missing work and worrying that I'll get fired, I'm going to work a reduced schedule (half days for now, we'll see what the doctors say next week) so that I can rest and heal, and I can go to my doctors as needed.

My boss and department head totally stick up for me with all this, so whether they know it or not, they're playing this game too, because they just gave me this:

Achievement Unlocked:
Rest for the Weary

Now someone (cough-JP-cough) needs to help me put this into game terms, haha. I know I kinda created this achievement for myself, but this is a HUGE weight off my back and will go a long way towards defeating the bad guys of exhaustion and job stress. (I am also so going to make some achievement- and mission-related graphics.)

Back to character narratives - keep 'em comin'!


  1. Yaaaay! I'm really glad HR is working with you--you were seriously going to work yourself into a coronary. O_o

  2. Okay, so this is beyond awesome. What a great first level up and win! Great strength and perseverance. You took on the First and Third Evils all at once. Brava Huntress.

  3. I wish blogs had "Like" buttons :)

    YAY for your first achievement!!!

  4. Yes! Unexpected support from the NPCs at work is the best!!

  5. Can I post a sound file that can be linked to achievements unlocked? The Xbox achievement noise :D

  6. @Jamie: Yeah, I was really glad we worked something out. I feel a lot better just having it off my back, because I was kind of in a panic about a) being able to keep up on all my responsibilities at work and b) making it to work period. Today was my first half day, and I felt better - yesterday I was so nauseous from new medication that I thought I wasn't going to make it through a meeting, and my stomach was cramping so bad that all I ate for lunch was one of those little Activia yogurts. =/ The extra sleep seemed to help with that at least.

    @Courtney: Thanks!! My bosses deserve some epic-credit, they totally supported and advocated me for me. :D

    @Tara: I've been trying to figure out how to put that on here, lol. There's a FB share button, but not a like button for the individual post.

    @Carrie: Totally!! I kind of want to give my boss an honorary superhero cape, lol.

    @Amalthea: YES YES YES. :D