Friday, February 25, 2011

Character: Jamie Arktis

There is only one thing you need to know about me: I never give up. Ever.

I trained hard to fight the Evils in one of their manifestations. I spent three years walking the streets of a major city, looking for those whose minds, rather than bodies, held the Beast, who had become pariahs, shunned even by their own families. Those I found I helped to fight, to try to regain some semblance of themselves. Some improved, though they will never be the same. Some lost their limbs. A few lost their lives. And I started to lose my faith.

I started to realize that the weapons we were using to fight were woefully inadequate. I started advanced training in the hopes of finding the right combination, whatever it might take to prevent the loss of any more minds, any more souls, to the Evils, but instead I'm finding how little we really know.

I've known Jessica for a long time, since long before the Beast. It's a testament to her strength that the Beast hasn't changed her. I've never seen anybody fight like she does. She's the only one I've ever seen who can hold back the Beast--she says it's because of the magic, but I know it's because of who she is, who she's always been. Who she's destined to be. I do what I can to help, but it's not much. This isn't the Beast I was trained to fight. I don't have the right weapons.

But it's different this time. Because if anybody can beat it, Jessica can. Because I won't let a lack of weaponry make this fight harder for her. Whether I have the training or not, whether I have the right tools or not, I will help her fight, no matter what, because I know she can do it. Even if we have to make our own weapons this time.

I am the Armorer. And I never give up.



  1. You guys.... all your characters are making me teary eyed!! Fabulous job, and I really like the Armorer concept! It suits you, O Sword of Justice. :D <33333333333

  2. I love your mix of lives. Beautiful.

  3. D'awww. Thanks, guys. I literally thought of this in the shower and then just had to flesh it out somehow.