Friday, February 25, 2011

Character: The Medium

"They always come to you."

The words of the Oracle rang through my head the first time I encountered Jessica. I knew the sound of anguish when I heard it – and for a moment, my horrible past enveloped me into the cry resonating in every fiber of my being. It was a moment later I realized that, for the first time, this cry was not my own.

My own heart had made that sound many times in the past as I watched loved ones decay, and I knew - though I had most of my training with the Enduring Blaze still in front of me - that this person was my first charge. My passion to learn about the unexplainable pain I had witnessed, and the dangerous whispers of evil temptation I had experienced led me to study the texts of the Enduring Blaze. My suffering led me to the Oracle, who taught me the role the Abiding Evils – all three of them - played in my life. So too did Jessica’s suffering lead her to me for help and relief.

Jessica met me not in person, but in a chatroom discussing the latest political storm overtaking the country. During what was a very pleasant conversation, I suddenly felt the same impulse of anguish I had experienced for the first time only months before. Moments later Jessica excused herself from the keyboard, and explained briefly that she was “experiencing pain.” I got goosebumps. “I KNOW YOU!” I exclaimed, and brought her into a private channel to reveal myself, and explain that I wasn’t a stalker. Fortunately, it didn’t take much convincing. My gut told me it was safe to share the Enduring Blaze’s mission in depth.

The Demons recognize just how big of a threat we are to the mission of the Abiding Evils. The Enduring Blaze keeps a relatively modest presence because of this – learning from many witch hunts past and present. The reason we are a threat is because we learn how to re-purpose the tactics of the Abiding Evils for the greater good – dissipating the venom of the vampires and altering it to support life instead of steal it.

We deal extensively with the rage of the Werewolves as well – bending the primal anger and fear into a discerning love of the pack. In addition to our commercial presence (we are a major sponsor of the Global Healing Conference, under a different name), we work underground to spread information to combat the Demons’ influence on the political system. While the Oracle and the Elders are practiced enough to be legally safe from the Demons’ grasp, I am not. I must remain underground for the time being to be safe from the Demons.

I am technically still a beginner - though at the beginnings of the Oracle’s time teaching, I would have been considered knowledgeable enough to practice on my own. Even though I have much to learn, this will not stop me from helping Jessica with every ounce of knowledge I possess for as long as I possibly can. Using the internet as my main form of communication - to explain what I know about channeling and re-purposing the energy of the Evils – even as I protect my identity, it is not without bemused irony that I call myself…

The Medium.


  1. I said this to you on Twitter, but I love how you worked in that we know each other through a "medium." So creative! :D