Friday, February 25, 2011

Character: The Rapier

I cannot remember a time when I was not aware of the evil that stalked the edges of this world. It seems like the darkness has always swirled around me, both terrifying and fascinating. I try my damnedest to push back at the Abiding Evils, challenging Them and side-stepping Their constant advances.

My best attack has always been my sense of humor. The stab of wit and the slash of jest are definitely my strongest weapons. I like to trip up the Beasts, watch Them stumble and falter, even if only for an instant. I am The Rapier. I like to taunt the nasty things. I enjoy the high.

Then the adrenaline wears off and it occurs to me that I’m kind of an idiot. When the laughter subsides, the cooking begins. Food is a source of strength, comfort and ritual for me. It helps that I can cook my ass off.

It was shortly after her attack that I met Jess in a cooking class called “Vegetarian without Shame.” The Beast had left its mark inside her, but she was determined fight back by learning everything she could about how to make her body stronger. She wore her scars well and I recognized a kindred spirit.

We ended up being class partners and bonding over our shared hatred of Tofurkey. I cracked her up a bit and she eventually let her guard down and told me what had happened. It was amazing to watch her pride, her ability, her middle finger in the face of the Beast. I knew that I would help Jess in any way I could, even if all I could do was cook her a good meal and take her mind off of the struggle for a little while.

So that’s what I do. I remind Jess that laughing in the face of the darkness is a powerful weapon.

The Rapier.


  1. I love this! You did a fantastic job, and I totally agree humor in the face of adversity is one of the strongest weapons out there. Love ya!! :D

  2. Alternative cooking class titles:
    "Vegetarian. Yes, Really"
    "Seriously, My Diet is Your Most Interesting Topic of Conversation Right Now?"
    "Look, Just Shut Up and Eat Your Hamburger"
    "I'm Sorry, But I'm Not Eating That"
    "Chicken Is Not a Vegetable"

  3. Love it. Welcome to the team...and as such, we get to hit you up for recipes too (especially those of us who are having to switch to a mainly veg diet as well).