Monday, February 21, 2011

The Abiding Evils

In the Dark Ages, a force spread across Europe spreading a disease that consumed people, bringing them despair and death. People at the time called it The Devil. But mankind rose above it. During the time of Bram Stoker, people were stricken with Consumption, reducing them to frail shadows, bringing doom and death. Stoker took this slow diminishing death and put a face to it... the Vampire. Mankind found a way to overcome. Once again, we overcame polio in the 20th century. And we face the decay as it evolves again and again...

Call it the Vampire, the Devil, the Third Horseman... one of the Abiding Evils seeks to destroy our flesh, stealing our life, causing us to despair, lose hope, and ultimately to surrender our humanity.

Another of the Abiding Evils dwells within our hearts, waiting to blossom as we allow our anger, rage, our animalistic aggression to overcome our humanity, turning us into beasts. Described in folklore as man-beasts, or werewolves, those who succumb to the beast within can spread their rage and avarice. The beast has evolved in our time, as well, finding glory as man crushes man in our climb up the ladder. We turn on one another over simple disagreements, no longer valuing civility, but instead shooting our representatives, blowing ourselves up for religion, turning our backs on our friends when we learn they are different.

Call the Beast, the Werewolf, the Second Horseman... one of the Abiding Evils seeks to rob us of our humanity, turn us into animals, and allow their masters to rule.

And their masters continue to move among the leadership, confusing the system, bringing fear into the fore of our thinking, twisting religion and politics into a sick vehicle for greed and intolerance.

Call them the Demons, the First Horseman... they are the force of Tyranny that seek to keep us from curing our diseases, caring for our poor, or treating each other with acceptance.

The Abiding Evils live, and appear in many faces.

And those whom they attack are made aware of their existence.

And a very few... choose to fight.


  1. You are so freaking cool. Just sayin'.

  2. I agree with Jessi. That rocks.

  3. Wow. I kept scrolling, hoping that it wasn't the end! Can't wait to see more :)

  4. Great job, babe. Love it. I was hoping we could work in battling the establishment/insurance in here as well. Great job.

    Tara, that's how we always feel with his writing. We need to get this boy published.