Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Missions

Good Evening, Allies and Huntress,

This week looks like a fine one to continue kicking evil ass and taking names. As such, I would like to discuss this weeks missions.

Huntress, I have a couple of important missions for you.

Optimal Optimism: You are on the road to recovery from you latest outstanding and heroic battle against the vampires and beasts, with the occasional demon sent by the Evils to shake things up. As your allies, we cannot rally to you unless we know. I want you to post to this blog at least 4 times this week. You will receive 50XP for each update. You should let us know what all is keeping your spirits up, what has made you laugh, what is getting better and what you have been utilizing to maintain your spirit. Also let us know what has been hard, and what we or you can do to make it easier.

Lampooning Laughter: There is nothing worse to these evil bastard than being laughed at. As you recover, you have been offered a variety of diversionary tactics in the form of movies and shows. I want you to let us know which you have used and play critic for us and write it up. Let us know by the end of the week what your thoughts were on each piece (and that means, yes, you must sit back, relax and take in a variety of shows. This is why you are payed the big prestige, huntress.) You can also do this with the many recipes that have been sent your way. Be our movie and food critic. 25XP per critique

Allies, I am calling upon you this week as well.

Sending Satire: We have made suggestions of humorous heroics for our huntress to watch to fight back the evils. However, beyond the television diversions, our huntress loves vids from this blasted internet. I want you to either this post, to your own post or to her book of faces, post short diversionary internet vids to keep the huntress's spirits up and let her know that you care and are thinking of her. 25XP per vid.

Mastering Meditation: Our huntress needs our support now more than ever, and many of us cannot be there in person. I ask that on a piece of paper or the like, you draw her symbol of power and put it up where you will see it each day. I ask that when you can spend time meditating on that symbol and connecting to our huntress and her power mark through it. Keep it up for at least this full week. 50XP for the whole week.

I look forward to the updates this week.


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