Monday, April 4, 2011

Daily activities, April 4-10, 2011

30 minutes yoga and stretching - 5 XP
Cleaned house off and on during the day - 15 XP
Watched a bunch of TED talks - 5 XP
Pre-surgery energy routine - 15 XP
30 minutes cello - 5 XP
Erin's tasty food mission (mango, nom nom nom) - 25 XP
Erin's mission to do something I won't be able to do for next few days (yoga & cleaning) - 50 XP
Erin's mission to think of POSITIVE outcomes of surgery instead of negative - 25 XP

Total: 145 XP, a personal best by a LOT, who hooo!

Cleaned house a little bit - 10 XP
Erin's missions: took a hot shower (instead of bath, wanted to wash my hair), had the surgery, and followed after care instructions - 100 XP
Managed to not die on operating table (this is actually an achievement, see health update) - 25 XP

Total: 135 XP

I was in the hospital, so not able to do much.
Had PICC line put in - 25 XP
Erin's mission: colored in the coloring books Matt brought to me - 25 XP
24 hours in hospital - 240 XP (I used the same calculation as hours at doctor's appointments - I spent all day getting tested, examined, poked, prodded, and ultra-sounded.)

Total: 290 XP - New Personal Best! Whoo hoo!!

Level Up! Reached 2000 XP

Hospital again.
Determined I do not have serious lung or heart damage - 25 XP
Another 24 hours in hospital - 240 XP
Got discharged and was able to pick up Alys and Chris from airport - 25 XP

Total: 290 XP

Doctor's appointment - 10 XP
Went to Tattered Cover (power up!) - 10 XP
Hanging out with friends, including those I haven't seen in forever and met new people (power up!) - 40 XP
Watched hilarious movie (laughter = power up!) - 20 XP

Total: 80 XP

Went to Boulder to visit Celestial Seasonings and Redstone Meadery - 25 XP
Successfully navigated a bad health day - 25 XP
More hanging out with friends and hilarious movies - 80 XP

Total: 130 XP

Alys's birthday!
Managed to go to an awesome birthday brunch with my awesome friends - 25 XP
Successfully navigated a bad health day - 25 XP
Fixed a few house problems - 20 XP
More movies and hanging out, met new people - 50 XP

Total: 120 XP

Weekly total: 1190 XP - EXTREMLY High score!
Overall total: 2503 XP
Total minus subtractions for rewards: 2478 XP

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