Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mission Mistress Time

Week of April 4-10

I'm going to post two recurring type missions for this week. By that I mean they can be completed at any point and as many times as you wish. I will try to post small mini-missions each day as well. I reserve the right to add as genius comes to me :P

Mission 1: Our huntress is going to be in the hospital this week. So I think it's really important that we concentrate on sending her good healing thoughts. So every day this week spend just a few minutes (or longer) thinking about her and how the surgery will go super well and how awesome her recovery will be. This can take the form of prayer, meditation, reiki, energy medicine, running outside and shouting it to the world, whatever works for you.

XP: 25 each time

Mission 2: As I said, Jessi is going to be having surgery. So let's all think of a movie or TV series that we really like that we can share that she can watch during her recovery. She is going to have a lot of downtime and she will probably sleep a lot. But in case she is just sitting there bored I want to have some suggestions for her to cure boredom with.

XP: 25 for each

Optional: My previous suggested storytime mission. I haven't posted my story yet because I've been kicking a demon in the ass an it's been rough. Now that I've got a handle on this demon I can go ahead and post mine this week. This mission is purely optional because it is up to all of us how little or how much we wish to make public.

XP: 50


  1. I'm made of television and movie fail, because I'm usually only half-watching whatever's on and my tastes pretty much are limited to britcoms, weird animated shows, and "true crime," but I highly recommend Blackadder (if you haven't seen it yet) and the Big Bang Theory. Also, MST3K has healing properties. Or so I've heard.

  2. @Jamie: I was actually going to ask you if you could loan me season 1 of Big Bang Theory. Doug had a few episodes on DVR that we watched with him on Sunday, and I thought it was hilarious. Thankfully, Netflix has a lot of MST3K on streaming, although laughing might hurt my face, lol. Also PS - for achievements, you might want to check my daily activities for last week, this week, and the missions Erin's giving. YOU WILL BE AWESOME ACHIEVEMENT HERALD I PROMISE. :D <3

  3. MST3K is the best thing ever!! My favorites are:
    Manos, the Hands of Fate
    Hercules Unchained
    Warrior of the Lost World
    Cave Dwellers
    Pod People
    Time of the Apes
    The Day the Earth Froze
    The Magic Voyage of Sinbad
    Alien from L.A.
    Parts: The Clonus Horror
    Time Chasers

    I am a complete dork, as I have a sticker of Joel and the bots on my white board at work. It's my "are you cool?" litmus test and so far very few people have passed. Please let me know if you're looking for a specific MST3K episode - I have a ton of them.

  4. Let me know if you need me to send you the Big Bang DVDs and I'll get them out ASAP.

    I totally second that as a show you HAVE to watch! It's hysterical and great geek humor.

  5. @Jess: Totally! I can bring it down this weekend. Aww thank you! I just got a big grading assignment, but I'm attempting to portion it out so I promise I will be better at discharging my duties this week. <3

    @Carrie: Pod People and Cave Dwellers are the best things I have ever seen. "How much Keefe is in this movie? Miles O'Keefe!"