Monday, April 4, 2011

Erin's mission - Positive thinking

I'm being attacked by an insidious demon that wants me to only think of all the scary, bad outcomes of surgery.  So Mad (Erin) challenged me to beat this demon by listing all of the positive outcomes.  Here they are:

NO MORE PAIN in my jaw and face
Infection will stop destroying my bone
I won't feel so exhausted and awful all the time
I will get to go back to work full time
I will get to do activities like hiking and biking again
I won't have to go to doctors so much
I won't have to worry about how to beat this thing
I won't spend day after day in drug-induced haze
I won't have to have multiple surgeries again
I won't have to have a PICC line again (once this current one comes out)
I will (eventually) be able to eat normal food again
I will be on the path to recovery instead of just battling this one infection over and over
I will be much happier
I won't feel so beaten up and beaten down
I won't have to feel so worried and scared
I will feel an EPIC WIN for having triumphed over this infection
I will be able to do more with my husband
I will get to put an end to a 14-month plus nightmare
I will get to feel like myself again
I will have one less health problem to fight
I will feel better
I will get to take my dog for long walks again
I will get to go camping and jeeping and backpacking and beer-festing with friends this summer
I will get to spend money on fun stuff instead of prescriptions and medical bills
I will possibly develop super powers because I will be partially bionic once they do the bone graft (just kidding)

Between this and John's energy routine mission, I actually feel quite a bit better. :) Thanks guys!

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