Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mission for Allies: Movement is Life

Prior to my scourge of illnesses, I exercised almost daily: biking, hiking, running, swimming.  I'm banned from some of those activities now, due to the PICC line, but the weather is starting to turn nice here, and I'd like to start gently restarting my exercise. 

I used to do yoga for 30 minutes every morning, centered primarily on repetitions of Sun Salutation.  I can no longer do this routine, since I cannot support my weight on my PICC arm (for those unfamiliar with Sun Salutation, certain parts require you to do a push-up like position, and that's a no-no.) 

Mission: Movement is Life: Help me find other yoga asanas (poses) and routines that can take the place of Sun Salutation.  I don't remember many other poses, so I need something to fill the gap.  Remember - I cannot support my body weight on my right arm, but any other kind of movement is fine.

Additionally, if you run across any other exercise plans for those recovering from surgery or for the chronically ill, I'd love to see them! Right now my plan is just to start with modified versions of what I did before: shorter bike rides, walking instead of running, less vigorous hikes. 


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