Monday, April 4, 2011

Daily Missions

Jessi will be receiving daily missions which I will be appending to this post each day.

Daily Mission 4/4/2011

Jessi, your mission today is to eat something delicious and to do something you won't be able to do for the next few days due to the surgery.

XP: 25 for each

Daily Mission 4/5/2011

Today's mission is to have a nice calming bath and meditate for 20 minutes before your surgery. Then to have the surgery itself. Afterwards, you are to follow all doctor's instructions. This last part will probably require Matt's help.

XP: 100 (25 for pre surgery, 50 for surgery, 25 for post surgery)

Daily Mission 4/8/2011 - 4/9/2011

Due to our huntress being in the hospital, these daily missions were on hiatus. But we are back! Now the mission is for her to rest in her sexy pajamas. I heard that the demons and vamps HATE sexy pajamas.

Part 2 of this mission involves getting creative. Jessi, you are to color in some coloring books with crayons. Maybe you can share your artwork :P

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  1. I have also sent her some energy medicine exercises to perform pre and post surgery. Tack a bonus 15 XP per day for those.