Sunday, May 1, 2011

Month of May: Rest for Allies

Hey Allies!

I'm doing a lot better now - I'm still sleeping quite a bit, but I feel a lot better.  I have some of my energy back, and I'm starting to feel like myself.  Even Matt commented on how much better I seem.  I noted it to my doctor. I'm almost four weeks into the antibiotics now, and if I compare how I feel now to how I felt at the end of January, it's a difference like night and day.  I don't know if it's because in January I was still trying to work full time, never mind trying to wrap up two ENORMOUS projects at work for which I was the lead, but I was barely hanging on.  I was exhausted, in pain, and felt totally pummeled by life.  Now - I'm sleeping 9-10 hours (which is more than normal for me), but I feel so much better, it's incredible. My doctor pointed out that 95-98% of the infection had been removed by the surgeon, so my body doesn't have to work so hard to fight it. 

It's making a huge difference.

So I'm trying to go back to work on Monday.  This week will be my part-time schedule, four hours a day.  If that goes okay, the next week I will try working five or six hours, and just work up to being back to full time.  I'm also trying to get back into my exercise routine, at least on some level.  I can't sweat while the PICC line is in, because sweat can cause the line to get infected, but I figured I could walk or take an easy hike or bike ride.  If I can get back into the routine of making time for that, I will feel better and I can add intensity later as my body rebuilds strength and the PICC line comes out. 

I have a lot of missions still on the table.  You guys gave me some great things to work on.  I have items on my Superhero To-Do List that need attention.  I think you all have achieved your SuperBetter goal admirably, which was to support me and to help me get back on my feet.  Please feel free to post things if the urge strikes you, and I will continue to post to fulfill missions and keep you updated.  Of course, if I need you, I will issue a call to arms!

But take a rest for the month of May, my Allies.  You have fought hard and admirably, and pulled me through the darkest, most trying of times.  I don't think I would be here, in the shape that I am in, without you.  Great job, wonderful work, and please know you have my undying gratitude for everything you have done! I will check back in with you in June, to see if we need to continue this round of SuperBetter, or if we want to try to transform this blog into something else.  I have some good ideas for turning it into something else, but I would like to know which contributors would be interested in continuing.  Stay tuned!

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